The clinics run by “DENTISTIUM” consistently strive to employ the best clinical procedures by highly skilled and trained medical professionals. The prognosis or outcome of any treatment, however, may not be as expected due to a number of restrictions.

Re-treatment will be undertaken on priority by DENTISTIUM in case: (limited to 6 months unless otherwise specified)

  1. Loss of filling, equipment damage, or cementation failure.
  2. When a patient’s therapy does not go as planned: The patient should have attended appointments and post-operative check-ups on time, followed instructions, and not deviated from them. However, the patient will be responsible for covering the difference in expenses if the patient failed to keep appointments and/or follow directions given by the dental surgeon over the course of the treatment, which resulted in the necessity for further procedures to correct the issue. The patient is responsible for covering the difference in cost if the cost of the second treatment is more expensive than the first.
  3. If treatment is unsuccessful, re-treatment or a different course of action will be taken at any DENTISTIUM Clinic within six months.
    4. In order to be eligible for the re-treatment, the patient cannot have had any care from a facility other than DENTISTIUM Dental clinic.


Orthodontic Patient’ will qualify for Re-treatment: Within 1 yr of completion of treatment if:

  1. The patient kept all scheduled appointments and follow-up visits on time, immediately reported any broken brackets or appliances, wore retainers or aligners as instructed, and did not postpone dental appointments. Failure to do so results in relapse or extends the course of treatment, neither of which are covered by re-treatment.
  2. Not Qualifying After the treatment has begun, the business is free to cease the treatment if the patient stops coming (for 4 months at a time).


If a patient engages in any form of defamation against DENTISTIUM or its practitioners, the management retains the authority to deny refund requests or further treatment. DENTISTIUM Dental Management holds the discretion to approve or decline refund claims based on clinical assessments and patient records. Additionally, the management reserves the prerogative to accept or refuse re-treatment if the patient fails to adhere to provided instructions. Any disputes shall be exclusively settled within the jurisdiction of Delhi courts, where the company’s registered office is located.



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