Outsource Services

we utilize specialized outsourced services to elevate patient care quality and practice efficiency. Partnering with leading providers grants us access to cutting-edge technology and expertise across various fields.


  • Access to Expertise: Tap into specialized knowledge to enhance diagnostic and treatment capabilities.
  • Enhanced Quality: Ensure reliable results backed by industry-leading providers and stringent quality control measures.

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    Outsource Services

    Optimize Our Dental Practice with Outsourced Services

    At DENTISTIUM, we leverage a range of specialized outsourced services to enhance the efficiency and quality of our patient care. By partnering with leading providers, we ensure that our practice has access to the latest technology and expertise across various domains. Explore the outsourced services we utilize:

    1. Pathology Services

    Avail accurate diagnostic pathology services from trusted providers to assist in detecting and managing oral diseases and conditions. By leveraging pathology expertise, we enhance our diagnostic capabilities and improve treatment outcomes for our patients.

    2. Dental Laboratory Services

    Partnering with top-tier dental laboratories enables us to access high-quality prosthetics, restorations, and appliances. From crowns and bridges to dentures and orthodontic devices, we ensure that our patients receive precision-crafted solutions tailored to their needs.

    3. Ambulance Services

    Ensure seamless patient transportation and emergency response with reliable ambulance services. By collaborating with reputable ambulance providers, we prioritize patient safety and comfort, facilitating prompt and efficient transport to and from our practice.

    4. Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

    Benefit from advanced CBCT imaging technology through strategic partnerships. CBCT scans provide detailed three-dimensional images of the oral and maxillofacial region, enhancing our diagnostic capabilities and enabling precise treatment planning.

    5. Lateral Cephalogram Services

    Access precise lateral cephalometric radiographs for comprehensive orthodontic diagnosis and treatment evaluation. By leveraging lateral cephalogram services, we optimize our orthodontic treatment planning and achieve superior clinical outcomes for our patients.

    6. Microbiology Services

    Utilize specialized microbiology testing to identify and analyze microbial pathogens related to oral health. By partnering with microbiology experts, we gain valuable insights into oral infections and diseases, facilitating accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment approaches.

    Benefits of Outsourced Services

    By availing outsourced services, we unlock numerous benefits for our dental practice:

    • Access to Expertise: Tap into specialized expertise across various domains to enhance our diagnostic and treatment capabilities.
    • Enhanced Quality: Ensure high-quality services and reliable results backed by industry-leading providers and stringent quality control measures.
    • Cost Efficiency: Optimize our operational costs by availing outsourced services, avoiding the need for significant investments in equipment and infrastructure.
    • Streamlined Operations: Focus on delivering exceptional patient care while outsourced providers handle specialized tasks, improving practice efficiency.
    • Timely Delivery: Benefit from prompt and efficient service delivery, with quick turnaround times to meet our practice’s needs and patient demands.



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