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Kit Ortho Oral Hygiene: 1 Mucopain, 5 Proxa brushes, 1 Ortho Brush, 1 Fluoritop Mouthwash by ICPA


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  • Fluoritop Mouthrinse – Use: Aids in the prevention of dental decay in children and adults.
  • Fluoritop Mouthrinse – Directions for use: Adults and children 6 years of age and older : Use once a day after brushing teeth with a toothpaste. Vigorously swish 10ml of rinse between your teeth for 1 minute and then spit out. Do not swallow the rinse. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after rinsing.Children under 6 years of age. Ask a dentist or physician.
  • Fluoritop Mouthrinse – Dose: 10ml once a day or as directed by the dentist or physician. Storage: Store in a cool place. Keep bottle capped when not in use. Caution: DO NOT SWALLOW For Oral use only.
  • Thermoseal Ortho Brush Long Outer Bristles Of 10 Mm Short Outer Bristles Of 9.5Mm
  • Easy To Use


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